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Thrillers, Science Fiction, and Historical Fiction

non-fiction as J. Douglas Beason, PhD

News: Doug has recently sold collaborative novels with Ben Bova (Space Station Down) and Kevin J. Anderson (Kill Zone) to TOR Books, via his agent John Silbersack (The Bent Agency).

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Doug and Kevin J. Anderson

Doug and Kevin J. Anderson

Doug and Ben Bova

Doug and Ben Bova

Other News

Doug’s OpEd in the Wall Street Journal appeared under J. Douglas Beason

Doug was interviewed by Space News

Doug’s article ‘War at the Speed of Light,’ was published in There Will Be War, Vol. X, Edited by Jerry Pournelle

Doug’s short story, ‘Thunderwell,’ appeared in Carbide Tipped Pens, edited by Ben Bova and Eric Choi, published by Tor.

The Kindle version of  The E-Bomb, Doug's non-fiction book on Directed Energy weapons, was released by Da Capo Press.  He has lectured on The E-Bomb at the Carnegie Council, the Heritage Foundation, on C-Span, and numerous radio shows and live web-sites such as Coast-to-Coast

Doug is currently at work on a thriller:

The E-Bomb

Some reviews of  The E-Bomb

"… a spirited defense of these new weapons and their likely impact on the battlefield … a solid introduction to directed energy weapons."       

- Publisher's Weekly

"The most comprehensive and up-to-date depiction of the revolutionary change that is about to happen." 

- Naples Daily News

"Directed energy is the wave (and not just the microwave) of the future, the source of weapons that will prove to be revolutionary … will appeal to readers schooled in Tom Clancy."    

- Kirkus